Tech Tour

CBIC's annual Tech Tour is all about igniting local students' interest in technology-related careers and showing the variety of opportunities available in our community to pursue their passions. Being a tour guide means getting a behind-the-scenes tour of 2 local tech companies or organizations along with 10-15 middle or high school students and their school chaperone. Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to help keep the tours flowing smoothly plus you may just get to hang out with the next Megan Smith or Bill Gates!


Tech Tour Sponsors

  • Neoventus
  • Woods Rogers
  • Virga Ventures
  •  City of Charlottesville
  •  Blue Ridge Bank
  • Piedmont Virginia Community College
  • BrightSpec
  • CoshXLabs
  • Lexis Nexis
  • National Optronics
  • Afton Scientific
  • WillowTree